bucktooth beef music websiteVisit this website I designed recently, and listen to the songs on the Music page! The logo graphic for BBM, I revised many times, along with all the Photoshop layers combined in the final design composition. Summed up in this design — throughout an exploration of color and texture values — an experiment in hopes of balancing a level of visual complexity in unison with other elements of an overall design theme. Along with the release of a new music album from BBM summer of ’12 and kicking off a partnership with some local record producers, I am also slating the launch of a recording collective and market campaign involving BBM, and other local musicians. I hope to get several other local musicians on-board interested in developing their brand identity and online social engagement. This music page uses Soungmanager2 via the Soundcloud API — that is, it loads the tracks from a playlist on Soundcloud. Heard my new music project?

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