Implementing Magento CE

Portland based authorized online distributor of indoor gardening equipment and plant food. Overhaul of existing eCommerce solution. Magento Community Edition configuration & responsive template customization. Product migration, maintenance & security.

Negotiating Product Data

One of Mangento’s many great features allows the ability to import and export product data via spreadsheet.  Migrating the content and data from the old Grow Lights website into Magento required examining data for 600 existing inventory items and also defining additional information like product weight.  The site has since doubled its number of products available for purchase online.

Paypal Payflow Pro /

Finding the right vendor to capture and process transactions online and transfer payment to your bank account is important. I helped the company experiment with different merchant gateways.  Payflow Pro and API options are built into Magento and are configurable within Magento system settings.